Sharp Portable Air Conditioner

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**Item: **Sharp Portable Air Conditioner
Price: $229.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Great portable A/C - we got one at Costco last summer when our central A/C was out and it was heavenly.

Not too noisy, it makes about as much sound as a window unit.

It is a heavy sucker though - took a lot of grunt work to move it up 4 flights of stairs.

These type of air conditioners work if you have unique installation issues. But if you can use a window unit, then go that route instead. These portable units are much less efficient since they are pulling the cool room air out the exhaust hose. The longer the exhaust hose, the less efficient they work. And “portable” at over 100 pounds. These are popular in Europe in old buildings with small windows or windows high above the floor. But if you have a typical American house with windows, do yourself a favor and get a window unit.

We bought last year’s model around August of last year, and while it’s pretty decent for what it cost, Sharp is a pretty terrible company to deal with if, like us, you receive a unit with a missing part. In our case, they forgot to include the slat with the cutout for the vent panel. Instead, they sent us two of the window slats without the vent panel. At first, I thought I might just cut out the panel myself, but decided to call Sharp’s customer service (I use that term loosely here) and request a replacement part. What a hassle. They wanted a copy of the invoice faxed (not emailed, mind you) to them, and once they received it (on the 3rd try), they sent me an email letting me know that my request was received. FOUR MONTHS LATER, the replacement panel arrives, only it’s not the proper slat with vent panel, it’s another of the same damned slats that came with it, but they had literally cut a square hole in it the size and shape of the vent panel. They didn’t even bother to sand the inner edges of the cut. It was the last product I’ll ever buy from Sharp.

I bought one of these last time they were sold on Woot and when it arrived it did not work. I called Sharp and they claimed that it had no warranty (it came with a 90 day warranty card) and that refurbished units are sold as-is and sometimes missing parts that render them non-functional. By the time I convinced them it DID have a warranty and went through 2 rounds of my case being brought before some board for review in order to get warranty service I decided to return the unit. Save yourself some headaches and avoid Sharp products in general. I know I will!

Like Paulcraig said, these have a tendency to create negative air pressure in your home, which basically means conditioned air is getting sucked outside, IN ADDITION to sucking dust and whatever into the living space from unfinished spaces like the attic or basement.

This one isn’t a bad deal, though, since you’re getting ~10K BTU for right under $250.

If you have a window you can use, get a window unit and then you can get a Soleus unit with 1 ton BTU for right around $250 shipped. These are the mfg brand units, that are typically rebadged by GE and other companies and marked up.

The other reason for a window unit is the condensation will drip outside instead of collecting into a reservoir that you have to empty daily.

If this was a little cheaper I would consider it, but for basically the price of two new regular air conditioners, it just doesn’t make sense. For anyone needing to move this from room A to room B back and forth, just buy 2 $99 ACs, unless you don’t have windows.

YMMV but I used a previous model of this same sharp unit for about 2 months of summer nights never emptied it once.

I bought one last time around and it does cool off my bedroom, but like others have said, its super heavy. And one of the wheels was broken off when it arrived, so that made moving it much more difficult. This summer has been especially humid, so the tiny water collector fills up fast, meaning that it shuts down automatically every few hours. Draining it that often is not an option because the drain is about 1 inch from the bottom of the unit, requiring you to lift the entire thing and holding it either over a bucket or hauling it to the tub. I rigged up a tubing/bucket system that seems to work just fine (most of the time). If you live in a drier place, this might not be an issue.

Did anyone ever find out how to get replacement wheels? Mine arrived with two of them broke.

We have only used ours a few times, but it does work. We do prefer to use fans with the windows open, but once in a while it doesn’t cool down at night. For the bedroom with only one window this unit is handy.
-Yup, it’s heavy
-Yup, draining it sucks.

But over all I don’t regret buying it

“they are pulling the cool room air out the exhaust hose” Please explain. My exhaust hose gets very warm from the heat it is exhausting.

Love this AC unit. Bought one from woot and works great. Too bad the backlight on the remote doesn’t work :frowning:

I’m thinking of buying one and of course reading all the positive and negative feedback here. One point that keeps coming up is the pulling of cold air from the house. color me silly but doesn’t a window unit or even a central air do the same? I’m guessing the proximity to the intake is closer than desired is really the point. We have a unique situation with our shore house having really tiny windows so for a larger size, partially below ground room this seems like the best option.

I got one of these the last time woot had it and I love it. It is running right now. It is so easy to use. I might just get another one because the price is right. Oh dear did that sound funny. but ya I might get one.

The condensing unit on a window a/c (the part that is on the outside of a window)uses outside air to dissipate the heat removed from a room. One hose portable units use inside air (usually from a vent on the rear of the unit) to dissipate heat.

One note: it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing, but you can surround the tube in tin foil, and this makes a highly significant difference in the cooling power. Getting the unit itself near the window is also a very noticable increase.

I bought one of these last year, and mine arrived with some issues. I got a repair guy out to take a look at it, he fixed the plug and ordered me another set of wheels. For a brief period it was extremely humid so I did have to worry about the water condensation (it will shut off if the resivoir fills, requiring ~5 minutes to drain), but beyond that it’s been really quite a nice machine. Relatively cheap on power, fairly quiet, and the kicker is it fits my odd window situation with minimal hassle (window units were not an option). It is, as has been said, very heavy- 80 lbs or so- but generally hassle free.

YMMV, I’m happy I bought mine.

Just bought this from Big Lots last Thursday to replace a 5000 btu windows A/C in my kitchen.

I plugged it in with the vent hose fully extended and it ran about 2 hours before it shut off demanding I purge the water tank.

Moving it closer to the window and shortening the hose fixed this issue, however my apartment has been noticably warmer than when I had the 5000 BTU window unit in. This air conditioner simply can’t do the job.

I’ll be returning it for a 10,000 btu window unit.

The fact that there’s thosands of these “refurbished” ACs floating around tells the whole story of how well they work.