Sharp Portable Air Conditioner

**Item: **Sharp Portable Air Conditioner
Price: $229.99
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Condition: Refurbished

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These only have one hose to outdoors, right? The ones with two hoses are more efficient, since they aren’t sucking all of your nicely cooled inside air right out the window, which is what the one-hose units do.

some additional info can be found over at

OK reviews (3.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon

I got one of these the last time around and I’m really happy with it. Granted, it has only gotten up into the 90s a couple of times since then, but it does a good job of cooling my upstairs bedroom. I even put a box fan at the top of the stairs and one really hot day blew the cold air down and it helped cool off the downstairs of my place.

On nights when it’s not hot enough to require the AC, I run the fan on low and don’t have any problem sleeping with the noise.

Got one in previous auction well before the monsoons of this tropical south carolina summer and I’m glad I did. Its been a lifesaver since the bedroom only has one vent and its not sufficient. A word of caution make sure the exhaust tube isn’t kinked or it will build up moisture and will stop running and you’ll have to empty the tank which is a hassle. The louvers on mine came locked out backwards so I had to manually realign them which took one minute. Other than those issues its been a blessing and hasn’t ran my power bill up anymore than last summer and has kept house a lot cooler.


If you buy it, CHECK IT OUT IMMEDIATELY to make sure it’s the right model

We got it last time. While our Central Air was unexpectatedly being replaced, it worked very well, cooling large rooms. We are very pleased with it and it is the correct model.

Hate it. My 5000 BTU window AC cools better than this and uses 1/2 the electricity. I don’t even turn this hog on anymore.

Poor performance for a 10,500 BTU unit.

I also received a lesser AC than advertised but just realized it. I essentially received a 10K BTU unit made by Edge Star with a Sharp Label. Units works well but disappointed that Woot is selling things that aren’t what they advertise.

I have two of these. One works perfectly and never needs to be emptied. The other needs to be emptied about every hour that it’s working. I’ve called their support and apparently they think it’s normal even though the other one doesn’t require the constant pain of trying to empty a spigot 2" off of the ground. It’s a gamble!

Shocked to see this back in stock after the whole problem with the last batch. Woot needs to confirm there inventory will be checked before shipping.

I bought two of these last time around and they work great. One had to be drained after it leaked some of the condesation that it had built up but the other has not. I use them almost daily and would recommend, as they are about 1/2 the price of equivalent new units.

Got one of these last time it was on Woot. One of the smartest purchases I have made. I’m very heat-sensitive (from Multiple Sclerosis) and having a reliably cold bedroom saved my ass. It is huge and clunky but if the summer heat feels like it is oppressively crushing the life-force out of you, this will save the day.

The vendor has confirmed that the stock has been checked and the correct units are in the box.

We know some of you did receive the wrong product in a recent sale and we apologize for that.

If you were one of those people and have not contacted Woot customer service, please do so. They will put you in touch with the vendor who can help you resolve this.

Two summers ago our 40-ton chiller died, leaving unhappy business tenants. We bought 14 of these from Costco and they saved our bacon. Tenants bonded with them. But when the new chiller was craned onto the roof, all 14 sold for cost during a heat wave. We love 'em.

May be new one works good but I bought from WOOT it is Waste of money, repeating it is Waste of money.

This is terrible! I bought one from Woot last year (when it was cheaper) and it performs very poorly for a 10,500 BTU. It is also much heavier than other similar-sized units from other manufacturers. It is so heavy in fact, that the plastic castors made marks (indentations) on my wood floors! And then it leaked water all over the floor too. But it just doesn’t cool very well…and my space is only 400 square feet. I am so disappointed with it that I’m not sure if I will ever buy another product from Sharp. My opinion of their brand has definitely come down significantly.

This has one duct from that going out to the window I bought this before and I still have it. This is very inefficient and you have to buy one with two dict going to the window