Sharp Universal Remote Control Watch

I can wear this while reading Dick Tracy comics.

dude a 50 YEAR CALENDAR! NO WAY…I don’t think it would last 50 years though

how lazy do you need to be for this?

Hah, almost want to get one for my little brother. But I know he will just bug the hell outta me with it.

Can I play Wow on this?

Range on these tend to be the long pole in the tent.

Does it come with a remote?

Crap, when they going to have some of those 2gb mini sd cards?

in for 1

but wait it made in China … In for 3 … NOT … do not want

Doesn’t this usually come in a paper bag?

what the freak?

someone just buy 10 to get to the next product…


These work with any TV? I doubt you can just waltz into Best Buy and change around the channels… but then I guess I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

ok, this is even dumber than the usb fish tank.

Bring on the Bacon On Captain:

it also serves as an anti-poon unit

oh, man, that’s almost worth it