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Sharper Image 24" Rolling Duffle Bag [New] - $19.99 + $5 shipping shipping

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Are these small enough to be allowed as carry-on luggage on planes? Or do I have to cough up $10 to check it?

Somebody must have done a large buyout of some Sharper Image leftovers. Could be a good sign for the future: Some of the SI stuff was nice, but overpriced.

Now available at Woot, at better prices!

So is this duffle bag…uhhhh…only for women? The description makes me think this…

These things are $149.00 at!!!

Would this be an easy piece of luggage for an elderly woman to haul around an airport?

These look a lot like the 30" rolling duffles that Costco sells for $40. The Costco ones have a drop-bottom, and are bigger, but we love ours.

If these are the same manufacturer, they’re worth it.

I had the same hope. But alas! A check round a few carriers’ web sites indicates that it’s just too big.

I was wondering the same thing, as I’m in the market for a pair of decent carry-on bags. Unfortunately, according to this page, these are just slightly bigger than most airlines will accept for carry-ons.

This Woot’s dimensions: 24" x 12" x 13" (49" total)


It should be. I have a bag that looks really really close to this, but not branded SI. Was a company gift, so possibly from the same place. I took it with me to China and Japan and it was allowed. According to my flight papers, you’re allowed 22" x 14" x 9", but with the soft top you can mush 2" easily.

Again, assuming it’s the same one, I actually checked it after arriving in Japan and it rode to China and then back to the states in the back and weathered the trip really well.

According to, “The safe maximum size is 45”, in the form of a 22" x 14" x 9" bag. Some airlines allow up to as much as 55", but most do not." So this would be risky for taking on a flight.

If this is made by the same “Sharper Image” who declared bankruptcy in Feb 2008, a “Limited Lifetime Warranty” might be something to rethink…maybe?


It’s just barely, you probably could cram it in one if you don’t fill it up too much but then you would be THAT guy. They seem to be exactly the same one as the $150 ones except different colors, still could be worth it if they’re easier to spot.

It depends on what she is carrying. Besides, according to other posts, she will only be carrying it to the baggage check-in counter.

Great price…saw this for $149 elsewhere on internet…but too small for my use or the other gorillas in my family…no use for us for such a small bag to have a pull handle…but no doubt very useful for some folks…and, again, a great price

Thanks for the research. Made my decision easier.

Here’s a site that claims to have carry on max sizes for an assortment of airlines:

Airline Carryon Sizes

Looks like this would be too big. I must have a 22" model (since I had no issues), so I apologize for my post above.

In for three!! X-MAS is coming!!!