Sharper Image 31" Rolling Duffel Woot Info Post! I like cheese!

Sharper Image 31" Rolling Duffel [New] - $24.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Sharper Image 31" Airplay 5105 Rolling Duffel

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I wish I didn’t have to say it, but these kids are Berry Ugli…


they make me wanna Khaki all over the keyboard…

How’s the quality on this? I have a duffel-style piece of luggage that I’ve had to replace several times, after each trip the wheels are messed up and the bottom of the bag scrapes on the ground, eventually it just falls apart. I like the style though, so if this is superior quality I’m definitely in.

Well, those are some ugly bags.

Can you do carryon with these, or are they too long?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, since airlines are now charging you as much as $25 for FIRST checked bag, leave alone the second, perhaps it will help to know that these bags WILL NOT pass as carry on by most airline standards.

The carry on requirements is that bag is under 45 linear inches (L+W+H), give or take a few depending on airline, and per description here our baggie at 13x12.5x31 adds up to a whooping 56.5 linear inches!

So traveling with this bag, pretty much means paying its purchasing price each way of travel! But for checked bag it’s rather on a smaller side, as you don’t want to check in TWO!

After checking more carefully, the common airline requirement for checked baggage - it is to be at most 62 linear inches, so this one is not TERRIBLY SMALL - fitting in comfortably into the size requirements for being checked…

Maybe it won’t pass as a carry-on (it’s a pretty freaking big bag, so why would it?), but on the plus side:

Dual tube pull handle

I always wanted one of those

Bought 2 last year on Woot. Hard to pack due to zipper opening being to small. Won’t stand upright withoput propping up against something. Stuff tends to shift around even when using the inside straps. Wheels are not heavy duty enough. Does not stay balanced because wheels are way to close together. Not one of my best Woots.

The fact that it doesn’t stand upright by itself is the main reason that I am not getting this…

Update… Forgot to mention this I was able to take as carry-on on both Jet Blue and Allegiant Air with no difficulty as of November. It fits with in the frame that most airlines use to measure carry ons.

Are you sure you didn’t buy the 24" model? I have one of those that I got from Woot, and that’s decently sized for a carry on.

That said, I have seen stuff that’s probably too large for checked baggage carried onto discount airlines before, they often don’t bother checking. Actually, nobody does, and everybody uses planeside checking now anyway.

People who try to cram these huge oversized bags into the overhead bins on flights have their own section of hell reserved for them.

I wonder if this would fit in the locker at the gym…I have to shove my current backpack in there…

I have the 24" version of this bag from last time they were on sellout and I am a frequent traveler. The 24 barely passes as carry-on, especially when packed full, so don’t even think about fitting a 31" version in an overhead bin. Great bag though, if you don’t fly or don’t mind checking a bag definitely grab one, mine is holding up great.

Carry on bags generally should be under 45 linear inches. (length + width + depth = linear inches). This bag is quite a bit bigger than that, so I would say that most airlines wouldn’t/shouldn’t allow it. That’s not to say that you couldn’t sneak it on board, but I’d imagine that most of the other passengers would be quite annoyed when one bag is taking up half of one overhead bin.

Short answer - too big to be a carry-on.

Recently flew Continental and their limit is 62 inches for L+H+W. These are 57 so are good to go. Most other airlines have the same 62 inch limitation.

As I mentioned above - 62" is the limit for checked bag. And checked bag is something you have to pay for these days (unless you are elite status, fly first class, on military duty, or meat one of the other exceptions most people don’t). Carry-on limit is 45 linear inches, and this one is far in excess.

I did a quick check on the airlines’ websites.

This is too big to fly on Delta or American (45 inches linear) or United (9x14x22). However, it’s just one inch too big to fit on AirTran (55 inches linear), so if you don’t overpack it or if the attendant doesn’t go ballistic and measure it, you’ll be fine.

(In order to figure out the linear size of your bag, just sum length + width + height.)

so how bout you know, editing this post on the first page so people aren’t not buying because of it!