Sharper Image Aero 3-Piece Hardside Luggage Set

I’ve destroyed many luggage sets just from the occasional trip. The bottoms fell out or tore apart. The plus side of having the hard sides, this won’t happen. The downside, they don’t store as spaciously.

these will get destroyed by the airlines. hardside or not, once they’re stacked with a few hundred pounds on them they’ll cave. I love my large duffels for traveling. they hold alot, and when they’re unpacked they store anywhere.

What is the weight on each? This is a big issue w/ the airlines.

Why is this in home.woot? Isn’t the purpose of luggage to go somewhere else?

As someone who Just did an extensive comparison shop for a hard case spinner set of luggage this is an incredible deal. I only wish i could have waited long enough to purchase this. Still considering it.

I have a hard-side Samsonite set that turned 21 years old this year and it’s still going strong. I am looking to replace it only because it is pretty beat up (cosmetically) and is HEAVY. They store well in my attic so space really isn’t an issue for me. The hard sides have let me check many items that I would never had been able to check in a duffel or soft-side suitcase.

I just want to know how heavy THIS set is.

I’m a recent convert to hardshell type luggage. BUT I’d hate to have one branded by Sharper Image. Suggests either “wannabe” or “bankrupt.” Neither are good.

Do theses cases nest inside one another??

What is the weight of these pieces. We had Sharper Image luggage previously and LOVED them.

I’m trying to find that too - and not finding it anywhere. Whic makes me think - heavy. Wouldn’t you put that out there in the specs if the facts were good?

Why buy nice luggage when the airports just abuse and tear it up. Last piece of luggage I bought cost $200 for one medium suit case. Denver airport ripped two of the four wheels off of it and the TSA inspected my bag where I had a coffee mug buried to protect it from breaking. TSA put it to the front where it got smashed. Idiots!

I’m very tempted to buy these for my next trip. If I order these today what do you guys think the chances are of them getting to Seattle by Saturday?

In for 1.

The small piece’s dimensions fit carry on size for many major airlines, except British Airways, where it’s depth is 1 inch too big.

A little confidence and a little less brand awareness would do you good

Does anyone know the weight of these pieces of luggage???

Or, how many boxes are shipped when these are ordered?

If the answer is one, they nest. If three, they probably don’t.

I looked on sharper image’s site and only found one item that looked like it was the same. It was 24" and weighed 9.5 lbs. Can’t believe they didn’t have a listing of the whole set by product number.

FYI – That link is close but it doesn’t match what Woot is selling…just look at the wheels. I’d be careful since they are not the same piece for comparison purposes.

Agreed with this and two other posters. Luggage “specs” are useless without weight.