Sharper Image Aero 3-Piece Hardside Luggage Set

Bigger wheels please. The stone streets in many popular destinations in Europe are best traversed with larger wheels.

All I want is the large 28 inch suitcase. I’d be willing to buy just the large one from somebody who just wanted to smaller two. Anybody want to make a deal?

I have a similar hardside Samsonite and I have some of the newer hardside luggage. As far a durability, the old Samsonite are way stronger, but at the same time they are a lot heavier. Because of airline weight restrictions, the old Samsonite I have is too big to be of much use-If I were to fill it up it would probably be at least 10 lbs over. The new polycarbonates/composites are not much heavier than bags made from cloth.

I will sell you the large one for $150 plus shipping.


Agreed. I don’t know why PPL spend high dough for nice ,expensive luggs just for the airline to destroy it .
The ONLY piece that should be NICE is the one you can carry on board .

Just picked up mine and unpacked them. My first impression is that they have some weak points. The entire shell is thin plastic but the design actually makes the broadsides pretty strong. The two things I’m not so crazy about are that it is a zipper closure like a soft-side luggage and because there is no solid frame the weakest points are in the middle of the sides where the zipper goes around. You can easily push down on the top while it is on its wheels. By that I mean if you push down near the zipper near the center of the top side, it easily pushes down. They are very light however so that’s a plus.

20" = 5.9 lb.
24" = 7.8 lb.
28" = 9.7 lb
Measured with a precision hanging scale.

The dimensions are not accurate for purposes of carry-on restrictions. You need to add 2" for the wheels to the length of each bag.

20" = 22 X 14 X 9
24" = 26 X 16 X 11
28" = 30 X 19 X 12

Fortunately the smallest restriction I found for carry-on luggage is 22 X 14 X 9 so the 20" will work. But some more generous airlines have 24 X 16 X 10 which, even if you could squeeze the 11 down to 10, you still couldn’t take the 24" bag as carry-on because the length is 26".

Also, they do nest. They come that way so that is another plus for storage at home.

$150 is not a bad price for these. I have some questions about how well they will hold up but at this price they don’t have to last forever. The $960 retail price is an utter joke however.