Sharper Image Desk Fan with Heater

These are handy for under the desk in winter - keeps your feet warm!

dag nabit…
Thought it was a Vornado.

It’s supposed to be 80+ this weekend - what do I need a heater for?!

Can you vary the angle?

It’s also a fan.

Be careful if you are trying to use this to make robot noises with the heater on.

Good price for a space heater, especially one with a fan only option.

I see you’re trying to take my Quality post from last time, Lichme. I won’t stand for it!

Here is my QP from last time
Here is the Manual

The saftey shut-off is in case it overheats. NOT in case it tips over

The consensus from last time was that the fan was pretty average, and you will want to check with your work before you use this as a heater as it could be considered a fire hazard.

Yes! This is exactly what I don’t need, but it’s not going to stop me from buying one!

39 bucks on Amazon.

Yes, but will it LAST?

Haha, nah - that is just the first thing that comes to mind. My sister got burned pretty bad by doing that.

I’d rather have a freezer than a heater.

Using my Write-up reading skills. I can tell you that this thing has Adjustable tilt

I figured it was coincidence, yowza with your sister :stuck_out_tongue:


The picture of the box shows it says adjustable tilt. this looks like a pretty quality fan

Ditto! I was stoked to see one here. Best blow for the buck in the office! Yeah, I said it.

Yep, this thing blows. Is full of hot air.

Hehe. I, too, was hoping for a Vornado. I freakin’ love their products. hint hint Woot.

Probably a stupid question but I can not find the answer to this. I am currently working and living in Afghanistan. Is this fan / heater 220/240 Volt compatible or would I need a converter?