Sharper Image Digital Cooking Thermometer with Indicator

It says this thing is a Maverick! Does that mean it’s gonna go up to Alaska and probe for a running mate?

i don’t like sticking things into my beef—vice-versa isn’t bad though

Wonder how many of these Woot picked up in the Sharper Image Bankruptcy.

And are these Korean made? If so is there a setting for dog?

insert rectal thermometer joke here

love the Woooooooooot-a-thon!!!

If you buy multiple things in the woot-off, are they packaged together or do they all come in separate boxes? I’m thinking about waste, not cost.

Liked the fork looking one better. anyone wanna sell me theirs

my meet is always 98.6F

‘Insert’ rectal thermometer joke here…

Strangely enough this item intrigues me…I think I may need to by one…time to check the bank account.


How long is the cord for the probe. Seriously.

congrats. now leave.

HEE HEE . he said meat probe

already done, scroll up.

Man, that thing really looks like it comes from Sharper Image. It’s like a prototypical SI item.

Man. I can’t seem to wake up. I could sure use some skittles… or maybe a picture of skittles… or… or… maybe a skittles girl? Yeah! That’s the ticket!

I’d rather have one of these then a digital meat thermometer.

punishment/enjoyment, what’s the difference?