Sharper Image Grill/Fork Thermometer with Rapid-Read Tip

Digital Carp

cheaper on, duh

This makes me wanna carp a monkey!! I’m out!!

hmmmm back to not good stuff

I got one from woot. Useless.

Stick a fork in me…

I’m done.

gotta get the kids to school

Because if there is a brand name that you can trust, it’s Sharper Image.

Wow, the guy with the “sources” was spot on. Only one of the Sonys… :confused:

These things are AMAZING! Everybody grab 3, and plan a BBQ!

Sharper Forkage… more of three of these in stock and it will be the weapon that stabbed the woot off to it’s death

wow, i can walk across the street and buy this for the same price, and it wont even take me 5 dollars to get there and back…

THe Sharper Image is out of business…this should be close to free!!

I got this cheaper last year at Best Buy hehe

OMG Dont poke the meat, it loses it’s juices !

soo… hungry…

that sounds like trusting Micro$oft to me

Cheaper than woot!? Anyone who buys this be a sucker

OH man. I can’t tell you how long I’ve needed one of these!!!

Wait, yes I can. Not very long.

Guess I can go and make that pot of coffee now…