Sharper Image Grill/Fork Thermometer with Rapid-Read Tip

I was going to say that… fine stick a Sharper Image Grill/Fork Thermometer with Rapid-Read Tip in me …

I’m Done… I think…

Same crap same price as last Woot Off

dekoquonut…truly, I am the least lonely person I know…woot-offs are one of the few times I can have an excuse to sit and do nothing and still get away with it because I’ve made everyone in my circle understand them. They still think I’m crazy, but they leave me alone during w00t-offs. Anyone who doesn’t get it just has to walk into my house and check out all the loot…

A woot-off on a Tuesday? Ya’ll is crazy, woot.

maybe if it was the beginning of summer again, i would have got one…

no wait, i wouldnt have

no homo right?

43% left

Yes, and these will be gone in 5-7 minutes. Then, everyone will paypal me their next 2 pay checks.

It’s worth a try…

That how my mom checks my temperature… i always go to school even when im deathly ill b/c im sore from the last time…

you can stab someone and make sure they are dead by the dropping of the body heat to ensure you can stop stabbing.

Where is Ollie with my BlackuWeather Forecast?

I can’t believe people actually use these things. Doesn’t everyone know by now that poking holes in your grilling meats just lets the juices out? (There was not a single way to say that which didn’t sound dirty somehow…)

Woot flourishes despite the DOW taking a beating - I LOVE IT

I purchased this last woot off and I love it. I live in Texas and we grill outside all year long. It is accurate and very easy to use.

who cares if it’s from a defunct company, it doesn’t work, and drains all your precious meat juices? they make great gifts!

Good Deal - I was worried there for a second!

If you don;t need the Roomba, send it over to me, I am trying to acquire a herd of them.

What kind of warranty would a Sharper Image product have? Whoops, who cares, it is only $15.00 :wink:



what eaxactly does one do with a HERD of roombas?

I hate to be a booger, but this thing will not make you feel like your learning to cook well. because once you stick your meat with this all the juice will run out. and when you serve your guests that said meat, they will run. like the shirt “Im just saying.”