Sharper Image Pan/Tilt HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

Sharper Image Pan/Tilt HD Wi-Fi Security Camera

Will this work through glass? For example, can you set it up inside and have it face the outside? I have seen other cameras that won’t work like that, but did not see it mentioned in the specs or description.

If it’s shining infrared light at night, it will cause a glare on the window. If it’s not using the IR light, it should work fine.

Like the earlier commenter, it’s the infrared illumination that reflects of the window - even if you have it right against the pane.

If you can shut the infrared off, then you can use it through a window. You will most likely need outdoor illumination.

What pisses me off about Woot is they try and try and pass along useless crap about the product. This pos camera only works on 2.4 WIFI. Useless in most applications today.

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