Sharper Image TENS Back Pain Relief System

It’s illegal to sell TENS units in the USA without a prescription. The FDA regulates these. EBay no longer allow the sale of TENS units on their system.

Have one. I think the controller is worth the price.

Also confirm use as an adult toy, but with other contact devices like bands and probes.

Connector compatibility can be a problem, but there are converter cables/plugs available.

That almost makes me want to buy one.

I can remember walking into Sharper Image stores (even as a kid) and wondering to myself, “Wow, you mean people actually buy this crap!” Look honey, it’s a magnetized mirrored ball thingy with lights. Only $99.99.

What is the belt size range from smallest to largest (in inches)?

People are actually buying this thing? What the hell is wrong with you?

Well hell, since you put it that way, I’m in for 3.

They’re falling on the grenade. Question not their bravery.

Is there any chance this thing could be used as a manly, electrified girdle?

And the replacement electrodes are approx. $4 each.

“TENS units are used by the BDSM community for erotic play involving electrical stimulation.”


Time to grab one of these babies.

I want to see the next item so I bought 3.

I get a better “buzz” with drugs.

you mean… that’s not woot’s ipod? dang, thought i’d finally snagged it.

4 electrodes? Come on, if it had say, 8 (or even enough to cover the entire device), then I’d say it’s a deal. I’ve had a variety of these over the years, and CVS Pharmacy’s version is Just as good (and still working after 3 yrs), only I have a choice of 4 to 8 electrodes… check eBay, 1st.

So this is what all those little pads are for that came in my Sack o’ C**p!

I got those too! Of course, I’m going to use mine for evil and not good.

Don’t know if this will do any good but for those of you in the future, I have been using this unit for about three weeks now daily and it actually works pretty well. I have a bulging disk in the L5-S1 area, and that is supposedly one of the worst places for back pain. I use this daily and it helps relieve the pain so I don’t have to take so many pills. I’d say if you have real back trouble, try it. If you don’t like it sell it or return it. Worth way more than $40. Two visits to my chiropractor and it is paid for.