Sharper Image TENS Back Pain Relief System

Lunch time, boys

electro-genital stimulation, here i come!

My doctor says I need a back-e-otomy…

wtf, the woot off came back?

I have to try one of these someday…

Oh no…here we go again…

Turn it around and it can also be used for getting that six pack you always wanted.

I guess we need this after lifting all those Woot TVs.

Bought one of these off woot and already tried it out. I was pleasantly surprised, it definitely cut the pain and seemed to have plenty of juice.

the guys from jackass like these type things huh?

I just got mine from last week’s woot - haven’t had the chance to open the box yet. Same price as the wootoff. meh. hope it was worth it. sick of not sleeping well.

How much should I pay for a placebo affect?

I used a TENS unit when I had bad back spasims. It really worked! My unit uses those nasty electrode stickers that fall off half the time or grab back hairs. I think this system using the velcro belt will be much better.

and thus ends the wootoff, we hardly knew ye

kudos on the write up!! That was FUNNY!!! I love reading them…they are the best part! :o)

at least it’s not a roomba

$89 new from Amazon

Bought this recently. Works well (albeit slightly weaker than some units that use 9V batteries), however:

It uses an odd double-sided sticky electrode pad that has a metal mesh on one side (in contact with the metal rivets on the inner side of the belt) and the skin side on the other. I haven’t been able to find additional electrode pads of this kind yet. Anyone else who has found them, please let me know.

On the up side, the TENS stimulator itself uses the “barrel-style” standard leads, which are available at most online medical supply houses. So the unit can be used with off-the-shelf leads and standard self-stick electrode pads (not attached to the belt) easily.