Sharper Image TENS Back Pain Relief System

The results will shock you.

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  1. Yes, a TENS will work for some kinds of pain, used properly.

  2. No, I don’t believe in magic.

  3. No, I don’t have this particular TENS unit. I have a another one and have used several different units at physical therapy. I’m writing about TENS therapy in general, not this particular system.

  4. Consult Your Doctor Or Physical Therapist. (Seriously, you’ll get better results if you know what you’re doing.)

  5. Don’t let the pads slip off and have direct contact between the electrode on the belt and the skin. Ow.

5a) Keep the belt tight. (Yeah, that’s where I went wrong.)

(Not that I’ve had this discussion before or anything…)

Got one of these last time. Did not work for me. Only time I felt better was when I threw it in the bin.

It’s a sad, sad day.
woot = infomercial
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Exchanges one pain for another. Actually did relieve my issues. Adjustable, puts out a large amount of jolt.

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How Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Can Bring Pain Relief

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Actually, this is true for me, too. But since I’m sick to death of the pain I have, different pain is an improvement.

This looks just like a smaller version of what my chiropractor used on my back when I had an accident earlier this year. It feels great when used. Just not sure it really fixed much.

Sharper Image website - this item seems to be discontinued, but there are customer service links here if you need them.

Are the pads reusable? How long do they last? Will just about any TENS pads work with this?

Is this only for muscle pain, or can it help relieve pain from issues like slipping vertebrae?

This stimulates muscles, and is therefore only effective on muscular pain. So to the extent that your slipped disc is causing spams, this will help relieve those.

I also got one of these last time. It feels great, but more than that, it’s actually medically effective for me: My low back periodically goes into a cycle where every day it’s a little more sore, until one day it can’t support my weight and I can’t even stand up. Using this little puppy when the pain starts prevents it from advancing to the invalid stage.

Has anyone found the replacement pads for this thing? If you know where I can find email me at mfsole (at)

I bought this unit hoping to get a cheap home Tens unit but the inability to find replacement pads put the kibosh on that.

It actually was quite comparable to the sensation I felt with the TENS unit at physical therapy. The idea is the short period of stimulation from the electricity eliminates the inflammation and atrophy associated with a lower back injury. If you injury is bone related the relief will be temporary.

Will this fit the beefy man?

Well, why wouldn 't these work:, or these: ??

Really? If they are the same thing, wouldn’t they work?