Sharper Image TENS Back Pain Relief System



This item is SHOCKING!

My roommate worked for sharper image.

These are a huge scam.


zapped! no thanks…

“I see some kind of weird-looking pope hat on the main page. What’s that about?
A Pope hat? Oh, that. It’s supposed to be a rocket ship. In any case, that’s our LAUNCH EVENT indicator! And boy, are you a lucky cuss. Spying the LAUNCH EVENT indicator is like catching sight of a leprechaun, or the elusive white whale. When you see it next to a Woot item, that item is available on Woot and nowhere else! Woot is the first and only place you can get such a doo-dad!”

Out of random curiousity… has anyone actually seen this?

bed time!

Yeah total crap. It should go in the BAG!


For what it’s worth, $10 cheaper this time:

WTF is this…!?

Hook those connection points up to some stun gun terminals to make it work better.

These things are awesome, and very powerful!

If you’ve had therapy at the Chiropractor using one of these then you know what it is already.

If not, it sends a small electrical current to your skin. Kinda feels like your leg does if it “falls asleep”.

Anyone know if they make one of these for the neck. I would buy one to remedy the pain my wife gives me.

Previous Woot…

your roomate is now on taxpayer support…

Got this for my mom a year ago, she loves it.

Holy Crapola… they got a lot of these !!!