Sharper Image TENS Back Pain Relief System


Everyone is calling for a Box of Calendars

TENS is great. I question it only having 3 AAA batts to power it though…

This must be for those who used the WD-40 pens wrong. Let me reiterate…you’re doing it wrong.

Wow…I really read that as the pain that you give your wife…lol

the little yellow progress bar is very jumpy!! big / small / left / right… make up your mind!

Wait for next gen which includes Body Groomer feature

I have had mine almost a year, and have not had to change the batteries yet, and I use the random settings ( it cycles through all the presets ) ususally for 25 min at a time.

I use it about once every two months ??

I hear you can use these to sterilize small house pets. I read it somewhere on the interwebs.

I think I just got trolled.

Not trying to be a woot killer, but…

Guideline Nixes TENS for Chronic Low Back Pain

America’s back problems seem to be concentrated in Nebraska, Idaho and New Mexico.

Go figure.

You would be surprised what those 3 little batteries can do. I have this and the first time I used it I turned it pretty high and yelped in “shock”! It does the trick!

Does anyone else have this and know where to get replacement sticky pads though? I have had trouble finding those.

*worked. going to fix it now.

130am here.

don’t TENS me bro!

i bought this the last time it was offered… i had to return it bec one of the lead wires didnt always conduct… these are probably production rejects due to that flaw…

Everyone was calling for a Bog of Catfish since the whole woot-off started. They won’t stop till it arrives, and then they’ll be whining they missed it after it happens.

anything from sharper image is a scam.

^ I did not say bloody…