Sharper Image TSI5003 31” Green Rolling Duffle

now I can look cool and people will think I am smart using this luggage! This would be totally cool if it were used in the bag of cabbage…

I can see you, but can’t woot you yet?

yeah,… BOC, gotta be here soon

So glad it comes with a luggage tag! Actually, these have sweet wheels!

didn’t we JUST have a wootoff?! :smiley:

are we going to be forced to get woot-off insurance or pay a penalty if we dont?

As someone who used to load luggage in aircraft, I should point out that bags of this type end up on the bottom of the pile and will be crushed very easily.

hum no need this

I got the beige/puke colored one. Better than it looks. More room than you expect. Does what it’s supposed to do: zips and rolls. Quality baggage, despite the sharper image brand.

Con: Won’t stand up on end like real dolly luggage, so expect to whack your neighbors with the handy-dandy pullout handle.

Probably lighter weight than traditional suitcase. So you can get more actual stuff in under the 50-lb weight airline limits.