Shavel Home Thermee Electric Blanket



Shavel Home Thermee Electric Blanket


Price is hardly a deal. Tons of King Size electric blankets that sold better on Amazon at 75% of this pricing. Think you’d get more for spending more? No. This has just as much failure rate and 1 star top reviews as any other king size electric blanket.


These are great blankets - we bought a few a couple of years ago when last sold here. A couple of points:

  1. They get VERY warrm. I dont think I have ever had mine past 1 or 2, and I only have them set to remain on for half an hour to an hour after getting in bed - otherwise I wake up sweating.
  2. The larger two zone models (Queen and King I suppose) require two outlets. They are really like two totally separate blankets made into one big one. Every other two zone blanket we ever had only used one outlet. Not a big deal - but if you are outlet constrained this may be showstopper.
  3. The quality of the blanket itself is great! It hasn’t gotten all “pilly” like some other electric blankets we have had.


5 Year warranty if purchased from ‘authorized dealer’. Is Woot considered by this company an ‘authorized dealer’?


I have had lousy luck with heating blankets. I think I’m better off stacking a dozen blankets on me and hiring a bed warmer.


I’ve had the best luck with a mattress pad heater. Cheaper too.


yall crayzay this should be BOGO at this price!!


Yes, we are an authorized vendor. :slight_smile:


I just don’t trust electric blankets.