She's a 'Wich!

She’s toast.

I am NOT a witch!

Silly mob. Toast, not burn.

First, you grill them…

You just gotta love the Monty Python
Search for the Holy Grail reference…
Link to video here

Thanks for the print, Woot! It’s a fair cop.

A sandwich burning at the stake! Good thing there’s so much text to explain it to me!

(please, stop explaining the joke!)

I’ll pass (again).

-snort laugh- Damn, I wish I’d thought of this :slight_smile:

Apparently that’s British for, “something that you say in order to admit that someone has caught you doing something wrong”.

Congrats on the win! :slight_smile:

Color me uninformed…but what is the difference in Standard and American Apparel, other than the obvious 3 bucks.

American Apparel shirts fit the human body.

I can fit my whole body through the neck opening of some the cheaper shirts.

Clicking on my .sig links to the thread, but in summary for guys, the extra $3 buys a made in the USA shirt that fits me much better, as it’s longer, doesn’t have sleeves so skimpy that they pinch my armpits, doesn’t shrink into a crop top after washing, and stays much softer.

For gals, the sizing is very different; pay attention to the sizing charts!

For even more details, read this thread.

Dare I say it will soon be a panino?

Thank you for The Crucible take. Good then.

she turned me into a newton… hilarious.