Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Literally laughing out loud! Absolutely love the expression of the sheep! :slight_smile:

Wolf coat: 100% wool.

Oh the irony!!!

I love the detail work on the fur and wool here. It reminds me of scratchboard.

Cool print.

Did the sheep make the wolf count to death before he could fall asleep?

This is the greatest interpretation of this overused expression I’ve ever seen brought to print! This design should be in flashed in a “thought bubble” everytime someone mutters these four words!

Would the wolf’s fur itch like wool would?

I think I know which one is the Republican.

So is the sheep getting ready for AnthroCon?

Ohhh, sneaky, sneaky sheep!

This must be some kind of hipster-ovine, refusing to follow along with his flock. He’s totally wearing that wolfskin ironically.

I like how the sheep is motioning shh.

And, the sheep apparently prefers the zip-up hoodies as opposed to the pull over ones. It’s definitely sure of its taste in fashion.

This really makes me want to watch Queens of the Stone Age’s “Someone’s In the Wolf” video. I think I will.

Oh, now this is deliciously, deliciously twisted. I definitely approve :slight_smile:

What I really want to know is where can I get a wolf hoodie like the one the sheep has? How about in your next special sale, Woot?

Doesn’t David Letterman usually have ten reasons?

Fleece Hoodie?

Actually, if they put this design on a pull over hoodie, instead of a zip-up, then it would be a convergence of ironic and meta.

I wonder about the wolf’s lower jaw…food for thought before going to sleep…