Sheets Energy Strips, 30 Pack

Just a warning, these are absolutely disgusting. They give you an energy buzz alright, but have some water on hand.

lol thanks for the warning. I am going to put some of these in my BOB and emergency cache.

so you will be wide awake to enjoy the terrible taste !!

Perfect Christmas stocking stuffer for my sister in law.

AWESOME! This is what all the trick or treaters are getting at my place. This will go great with the 5 he energy from the Woot Plus deal a little while back. Oh the poor parents of those kids.


Really? No comments about stocking up for the next woot-off? These would be great for when 3 AM hits and they start dropping those oddball items they only have 2 or 3 of.

review on amazon
“Grape cough syrup, infused with melted cinnamon candy”

gonna have to pass on this one.
Also, it looks like they don’t dissolve easily. Some reviews suggest chewing them to avoid the prolonged flavor.

A product that promises energy and has zero calories? I can’t wait for the physicists to get started on this one!

Ride the placebo train it’s all the rage

It’s a shame these have caffeine in them.

/not a Mormon
//or a caffeine consumer

Slip one in a sleepy love interest’s beverage and give her (or him) the energy to perform. If you purchase the maximum amount, you’ll get 360 strips total (about a whole year’s worth!!!), but don’t get any ideas of slipping all 360 into one drink. I seriously doubt any good will come of it.

94% off list price? I wonder if that’s a record discount for Woot.

I wasn’t going to buy them until I checked out the commercials. They’re so bad I HAVE to buy the product. I have to admit though, I kind of have to take a dump now.

I pretty much live off the Cinnamon Rush ones. They’re not bad at all. I’m very curious about the Berry ones… the mint flavored ones I know are absolutely awful… but the “sleep” ones that are Honey flavored also aren’t bad like the Cinnamon ones so I’m curious. I also don’t want to commit to 120 of “awful” though, but at the same time 120 cost less than like a 10 pack at Target.

And these taste vastly better than 5 Hour Energy. So if you can put that in your mouth, these are fine. The cinnamon ones taste like cinnamon gum.

In for 360 of the cinnamon. I like 5 hour energies, and these seem to have similar stuff for a ton less.

Here’s a random review I found with google that happens to like them:

With this much caffeine in such a small volume, how could I NOT buy this?


How about the expiry date !!??

I just got the cinnamon version from a different site and yeah, they definitely aren’t the best tasting. They’ve got a nice strong cinnamon flavor to start with but then the awful bitterness follows and takes a long time to go away. My remedy for that though, is to just roll them up into a ball and pop them like a pill. BAM, problem solved!

As for how they work, mostly what you’re getting here is caffeine, with two strips containing the same amount as a cup of coffee. The other vitamins (2 strips): Vitamin E Acetate-80%, B6-240%, B12-500%, Biotin-200%, B5-200%. This doesn’t really compare to 5 hr Energy’s: Niacin-150%, B6-2000%, Folic Acid-100%, B12-8333% along with their “energy blend.” I was hoping I could replace the more pricey 5 Hr Energy with the Sheets but all I get is the zip from the caffeine and not much else. 5HE actually gives me a bunch of real energy.

With all that said, I was in too much of hurry to make coffee this morning so I pilled up four Sheets and popped them and got my nice morning caffeine buzz going. At this price, they’re definitely worth it!