Sheets: Reversible & Non-Reversible

Who makes these, pray tell?

Hi there.
These might be the same as what woot has. Both made in India, 600 thread count.
A cotton & polyester blend fabric.
The colour shade names are different but the colours Woot offers are some of the same that are QVC offers. For example Woot calls the colour “Grey”.
The “Q” colour is called “Platinum”.
These sheets have been the TSV twice this year at the “Q”. Most recently, 31 July 2013.
I bought a set from the “Q” on that day.
When I received them, I washed them according to the instructions on the sheets.
I put the fitted sheet on the bed I looked around & discovered to my horror there are several spots that look worn, almost like holes are about to start.
They have a threadbare appearance.
Oddly these areas have a dark appearance, like the dark blue reverse side is bleeding through to the light blue side of the denim sheets.
This happened on the first wash.

They may not be the same, but they look the same to me.

Hope this helped.


Am I the last person in America to have a Full Size bed?
I always said when I get wealthy, I want a set of 1000 Thread Count Sheets. This is a great price. Wish there were some full size sets.

I had a Full bed before I got married. It wasn’t quite big enough for two people who like their space, though.

Even though we’ve got a memory foam mattress now, I still miss that bed, it was pretty great. I feel your pain vis a vis nice things never being the right size.

I would hold off for 100% cotton sheets, these are 55% Cotton 45% Polyester…

I splurged for the 1000TC last time around and even though they aren’t 100% cotton they are very nice.

Very “heavy” without being hot and have stood up to a dozen or so washes so far with no signs of wear whatsoever.

They may not be super soft, but they are very comfortable, very solid and look very nice. I’m not into the whole “super soft micro fleece” kind of thing anyway.

Just be sure you wash them before using them or else you’ll wake up with little fabric “strings” stuck to all of your body parts…

“sigh” - no California King (again) . . .

What’s a tall person to do?

There was a tall man from Cornwall
Whose length exceeded his bed.
“My body fits on it
But barely upon it
There’s no room for my big Cornish head!”

(Actually, I stick my feet out or lie diagonally when confronted with short beds.)

cotton blend is no good. we want 100% cotton!