Sheets: Super Capes For Your Bed

Who is the manufacturer of the 1000 TC sheets?

We often can’t give out the manufacturer’s name because their other retail channels get mad at them over the prices. Our buyers work to get you the best price possible. Sorry, but no name.

Bad policy - buying “blind” is not the way to make a purchase. Good luck on your sales.

I sympathize with your point of view. I also sympathize with manufacturer’s protecting their channels. Thanks for the feedback.

it seems like every time there are sheets on here, we have that discussion about “advertised” thread count vs. “actual” thread count. without a brand name, it’s hard to find reviews, compare quality to similarly priced items, or even find prices on the same item!

although i’ve been itching to pull the trigger on some sheets, i’m a little skeptical about these mystery linens.

Would love to know what the different colors look like.

She said sheet sets sell sans sheet specs.

A quality post if ever I saw one. Nicely played!

How deep are these sheets? Most new mattresses are about 16-18" deep. Also, how much elasticity is there to the fitted sheets? I bought really nice sheets that had no elasticity when I put them on the bed. They slip off all the time.

I never see TWIN SIZE!!! I need TWIN size, but they are never seen on WOOT! How come?

Indeed. My mind even had a brief bit o’trouble seeing if it made sense. Bravo!

Note that these are not 100% cotton. They are a cotton/poly blend

I bought the 400tc damask sheet set which was 100% cotton and although they wrinkle they are my favorite. I want to order the 1000tc poly/cotton blend but worried I won’t like them as much. I have been waiting for more to show up on here. I know I will love the 400tc 100% cotton, but I may take a chance on the blend. I can always put them in the guest room!

Same questions here.

Per the features: Fitted sheet fits mattresses up to 18" deep

linen 100% cotton 400tc sheets are priced incorrectly. The dropdown size selector shows $50 and when you add to cart it adds it as $129.

queen - $45 (correct)
king - $50 (incorrect, shows up as $129 instead of $50).

You are correct. Mistake on our end and it’s been fixed. Go order 3!

Do they have elastic around the entire fitted sheet? Or just the corners?

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