Sheets-y Like Sunday Morning

Is it my eyes or are the “650TC 6-Pc Sheet Set-Dusty Blue” actually green?

I am wondering the same thing. I’d buy the green ones. :slight_smile:

Vendor says the sheet is dusty blue but at a certain angle, it could look a bit green.

I haven’t seen 'em. I just report the news.

I checked the specs, but didn’t see the pocket depth listed. Are these “deep pocket” sheets? Will they fit a extra thick mattress?

The 650TC sheets can fit a mattress up to 17” deep. We’re checking with the vendor on the others.

Woot Staff has also informed us:

Fitted sheets on the 500TC will fit the mattresses up to 18” deep.

I hope this information is helpful!

These 650TC sheets are not as soft others I have purchased on Woot. Kind of like towels I purchased on Woot, some are really soft and some are just kind of soft.