I got a couple sets of these sheets the last time they came up. They are reasonably nice, but the “Champagne” color is, if anything, a darker brown than what the picture shows.

If you’re talking about the 380 TC sheets, yes, I agree the real champagne sheets are kind of a paperbag-fleshtone color. But they are really nice sheets for the price, and the magic word, PERCALE.

And they’re still not offering extra pillowcases, as they had the first time. Please Woot, pretty please?

Note to self: Never ever buy another of mattress that is 20" deep. Finding reasonably price nice sheets is a pain in the bee-hind!!

Into torture? If these are the same sheets I bought last month, beware …

what thread count did you buy?

Can anyone comment on the 600TC sheets? Too thin or too thick? How well do they hold up in the laundry?

The 380 percale

Ditto on the percale pillow cases. With regard to torture, if you’re not used to percale sheets they will feel a different at first (maybe I’m into torture). I bought these (the 380TC percale) about 2 months ago and they are a great bargain. I had already bought a set of 400TC percale from a dependable name store and, while they may be a little nicer, they’re not 4 times nicer.

Interesting, as I’m the tortured OP. So percale sheets typically have that scratchy feel always, or just until they’ve been washed a dozen times? I’m seriously curios, as I’m usually a 100-percent-cotton sateen sheets gal, myself.

Yes, I have 400TC Damask and it is muuuch softer than these 380TC Percale after 2 washes. They just feel like a cheap set of Walmart sheets to me. I’ll give them a few more washes before making my final decision but they are definitely more CRISP than SOFT.

When will bring us high thread count 100% cotton sheets, woot?

The 600tc sheets are 100% cotton?

Indeed they are!