Shelf Life

A great shirt for New Yorkers today :slight_smile:

I love that there are hundreds of little things to see in the rainbow, but each time I go back I see something new.

Congrats on the print!

I <3 Books second place goes to a tv show!

REJOICE!! All the shirts that I had to have have now been printed, and purchased. This is a good day. :slight_smile:

Harry Potter :slight_smile:

This totally beats out skittles in rainbowrifficness!!!

Why do I all of the sudden want to watch Reading Rainbow???

It’s a reading rainbow!

Great detail! I love frog prince being in the green and gold.


Hey look! It’s The Hitchhikers Guide to Curious Little Red Moby Potter Following the Yellow Brick Road to the Chocolate Factory in Wonderland for Green Eggs and the Giant Peach from Redwall…of the Rings!

So many references my head is spinning. I could stare at this shirt for hours! =D

YEAH! The best rainbow won. Congrats - got 3.

I’m seeing fruit salad: strawberry, apple, oranges, lemons.

I’m pretty sure I want to buy this just to find all the references. Tremendous detail on this one-- nice work, PixelPants.

glad to see this beat out harry potter vs lord of the rings…

The backstory:

“Hey Frank, you aren’t thinking of opening that thing up are you? Don’t you know what’s inside?”

“I’ll just take a look, it’s in a booWAUAAAAAAGH!! Oh my gawd, make it stop!”

I warned you Frank! Quick! Shut it, shut it now! They’re escaping in a spray of rainbow awesomeness just like I always knew they would! Oh no! They’ve opened Caldacott winner! We’re doomed! It’s now a double rainbow!"

Glad you like my artwork, bpeterson82. A link would be just swell, too.

If this shirt was Sk*i***t***t***l***e***s, it would have my drool on it.

In for 2!