Shell Competition


#2*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race
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Bought! Goodnight.


kpetrasko great job on the design. it shot up like a firecracker when you posted it.


Congrats on a cool design. In for one.


yay. got mine. night everyone


wow thats is cool

am in for one…

anything marine related i have to get


wow haha, didn’t even know this one was in the fog. Congrats. It’s really well designed and funny.


i love the color it reminds me of trees


congrats! very unique take on the greed theme!


was hoping this would win. good night everyone!


thank goodness… no derby shirts for me this time.

congrats on the win though!


Congrats, this was one of my fav’s.


I’m sad that I only have 48 cents in my bank account. This shirt’s actually pretty interesting…I don’t know what it is about it I like but I like it a lot.


Do the woot shirts usually run small?

If I usually wear a large should i go for an XL?


well that’s just unfortunate to say the least :frowning:


it’s time for TWO fourth place shirts to be made then…

but congrats on the design

i’m still in love with the burglar & star


I’d say if you like your sleeves longer, go for that size up. If you like the torso to fit nicely and don’t mind the sleeves being a bit on the short side, go for the size you normally wear. That’s just my experience, though.


this shirt design is pretty awesome. its not my bag, but I send grats to the winner.
His eyes make the design :slight_smile:


I love this, but I think I am going to wait and see how this one prints before I buy. Hopefully someone will post a pic in the next few days.