Sherpa Lined Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie 2-Pks

Sherpa Lined Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie 2-Pks

from the picture these are the ones that aren’t fully lined just the hood?

These are FULLY LINED Sherpa hoodies, the HOOD and the FULL BODY is lined with Sherpa. The sleeves are filled and lined as well with quilted solid lining.

Love these hoodies, so warm and comfy. Hope the Sherpa was humanely harvested.

Men’s or Women’s???

Last time I got one the zipper was on the wrong side (for me).

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OMG! They’re using real Sherpas to line the hoodie? I hope they only use Sherpa folks that died a natural death…


How is the zipper on these? I already have one that can’t be worn because the crappy nylon zipper broke.

Zippers are strong reinforced zippers.

I bought a couple of these last time. They are just okay. About what you’d expect for the price. The weave is loose, wind penetrates very easily. The outside material pills up. You will definitely want a shell if you are going to go outside with any sort of mild breeze. My shell has Velcro and it’s destroyed the draw strings. They became all fuzzy and pulled. To be honest, I got my one kid a Carhartt version and it’s light years ahead in terms of quality. It was also a lot more expensive too.

These are a completely BRAND NEW design, everything about it is new, the body, the fill, the sherpa…this is the first time we are offering this specific sherpa hoodie on Woot. It does NOT pill up and the weave is strong. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.

Well well well, we shall see, shan’t we? I don’t suppose “approved vendor representative” could divulge which vendor they’re representing with approval, eh?

Same, zipper was on the left last time i got one

No sherpa lined sleeves, no deal.


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The sleeves are quilted and lined with nylon and are filled as well for extra warmth. You cannot like the sleeves with Sherpa because then it will be a pain to put the hoodie on and to remove it , all that Sherpa in the sleeves would cause friction and restriction, it would be very uncomfortable, that’s why it’s lined with nylon.

No size small :unamused:

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Yeah… I found a sherpa lined hoodie on the mothership that had the sleeves lined with sherpa and that is what I look for, that whole “quilted liner” just feels cheap like you wanted to save money so you didn’t line the sleeves with sherpa

But isn’t that like trying to stick your arms into a jar of marshmallow cream? Does the static hurt when you pull your arms out? I’m curious because my arms are always cold and I’ve never seen sherpa lined sleeves before.

The Sherpa’s were retrieved from Everest and thawed out to make these. Hence the limited run.

The sleeves are not lined with sherpa ONLY because of cost. Don’t let the rep fool you. It’s easy to slip on and off with no hassle if it’s sized correctly. When the sleeves are made of that slippery nylon material, it’s the mismatched material that is the weakest link and the first to fall apart.

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