Sherpa Lined Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie 2-Pks

Sherpa Lined Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie 2-Pks

This is a fabulous deal if, like me, you are too broke to turn on your heater. BUT I recently had two unrequested hoodies foisted upon me, in addition to all my older hoodies, so I am pretty well squared away, hoodie-wise. This feels like overkill. I also can’t help but be skeptical of something this cheap! Like maybe they will be itchy or smell like gasoline or something like that.


Whats up with the “Hunting Knives” deal posted? @ThunderThighs

(1) Ontario Knife Company Hunting Knife

Listed as hunting knives, but says in the “in the box” is 1 knife yet in the description it lists 4 knives. There is no discussion thread attached to the deal.

On top of this, the knife listed as the one you get is $4 cheaper on Amazon via

As for the hoodies, is the fleecing only in the hood/body, not the sleeves? Any hint to a brand of Amazon link? These are hundreds with this similar description and some have really subpar reviews where others have great reviews.

Re the hoodies: The text states that the body and hood are sherpa fleece lined, the sleeves have a quilted/filled lining.

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I got one of these branded “US Life” in a BOC recently. It’s very warm and not itchy. It doesn’t smell. The sleeves are quilted not Sherpa but that’s pretty typical with jacket lining. My only complaint, so far, would be that the hood seems a tad small. It stops right beside my eyes; I would prefer it be a little deeper.

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I bought these recently for Christmas gifts and just went to give them a sniff. They don’t have any obnoxious odor. I am very pleased with the quality of the product for the price.

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I had ordered these until I realized it would take three weeks for delivery! I canceled! Straight from China evidently!

I bought one of these sherpa lined hoodies on Woot a couple of years ago. It’s not light weight by any means. Heavy and thick, so they keep you warm. What a steal for two. I may have to get a couple more colors.

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Warm enough, but last time I ordered this the zipper was on the wrong side (for men).
Ended up donating it to a needy cold person.

In for two this time, but will be donating both of them to some needy homeless.


That’s the worst case scenario. We have two shipping holidays coming up.

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How can zipper be on the wrong side?



I agree about the quality of the hoodies. The hood is a bit too shallow,but at this price I can deal with it!!

Men - when unzipped the zipper should be on the right side

Women - when unzipped the zipper should be on left side

Not sure if this is true but I was always told it was this way so when women zipped up a coat for their husband the zipper was on the left side like it is when she is zipping up her own coat :man_shrugging:t2:

I’ve heard that for buttons, but for zippers? I’ve never noticed that…

Y’all got me going in the closet to see if my husband’s hoodies have zipper on the ‘other side’

Mostly an American thing. Google shows tons of questions and blogs.

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The hoodies will ship within a day or two, it shouldn’t take 2-3 weeks you should have it within a week via ups ground.

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THE ZIPPER IS ON THE RIGHT SIDE , these are modern fit hoodies for men, for a generous fit buy one size up. They can also fit women as well but will be more of a loose fit.

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Really? The 2xl isn’t even a 50 inch chest… I would of bought several sets but they’re sized all wrong.


The navy/grey loose fit should be ok for 50 inch chest in the xxl.