Sherwood Region Free Blu-ray Disc Player

So it plays discs from Sherwood Forest?

No, seriously. Who is Sherwood and are they a decent brand?

I ask because this is very tempting.

4 Stars on Amazon, 10 of 18 are 5 stars

Product Manual

Happy New Year!!!

Low-end brand; no idea about the quality of their Blu-Ray players. But…$99 for a profile 2.0 player with analog audio outputs? Not bad.

Yes to Ethernet (a requirement of profile 2.0, I believe) but no Netflix/etc.

Anyone know if this will allow streaming of Netflix? Is that an Ethernet connection I spy?

Thanks! I’ll wait for one that streams.

AVS forum thread:

Blu-Ray forum thread:

Bleh I have 3 other devices that can stream Netflix. Don’t need to pay more for one that will. I’m in for one.

The specs say “Scales output to 720p,1080i,1080p via HDMI.” Does that mean is just scales, without upconverting?

VERY interested in this but from reading the threads on and AVSForums it sounds like the latest firmware disables the “region-free”-ness of the unit and you have to go back to older firmware, which leads to the question of what happens in the future when newer discs won’t play with the old firmware, but you lose the ability to go region free with it.

It does sound like you can downgrade to the older firmware in the future, but who knows what that will do (up/downgrading over and over).

The firmware came out in March 2010 so it seems like any “new” stock at this point would have that firmware.

Woot-- did you test to see which firmware the units you’re selling have?

Tough call. On one hand it’s a $99 player with analog outs (I have an older amp so that’s really a big deal for me) and the ability to go region free (I do buy a lot of stuff from the UK), on the other hand, it may already be obsolete in terms of playing “current” Blurays.

What to do, what to do.

NOTE: There is a warning in a review on Amazon not to update the firmware lest you find you’ll be limited in regions, but yes - it appears to be region free.

The analog out for audio may be enough for me to pull the trigger.

Region codes are evil.

I’m delighted to see Woot offering a Blu-Ray player that is region-free.

But note that a reviewer on Amazon claims that there is a firmware update from Sherwood that supposedly takes away the ability to change regions. “*** Since I wrote this review, an update to the firmware came out. Save yourself the trouble and DO NOT UPLOAD THE NEW FIRMWARE!! It removes the ability of the player to play Region B/C Blu-Rays - the reason I purchased the machine - and renders it a Region A player only. Continue to use it with the original firmware which works just fine.”

It’s not enough to scare me away from buying this - it’s a great price, and I’ll just not update the firmware, I’ll go old-style and use the product only as it left the factory.

Okay, so can anyone tell me - if I use HDMI to output for image to my HDTV, will the analog audio out still function? If so, I’m in for one. Just making sure it doesn’t “auto-sense” HDMI being plugged in and limit (turn off) the other output . . .

The manual says it will up-convert (if I am reading correctly) . . .

There are reports that these Mumitsu codes will work on this model and restore its region-freebeeness.

Note that this will only read DVD-RW/-R disks that you have burnt yourself. Most you see these days are DVD+R’s so any Home movies you have made may not play.

Is this “post firmware upgrade” or in the event of a system error? I noticed someone had difficulty with a Region A USA Star Trek Khan DVD that required use of these codes . . . are you finding these work “post firmware update”? If so, wonderful find! Thanks!

The manual says (regarding the HDMI output):

“If your surround-sound audio receiver does not have an HDMI input (or if you are not
using a surround- sound receiver), connect this output directly to the HDMI input of the
TV. One of the other audio outputs can be connected to the audio receiver.”

What page is that? I’m seeing the upscaling…