Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager w/ Heat

Shiatsu Kneading Foot Massager w/ Heat

Bought one of these new on Woot last time they were up. Went about 2 weeks before the motor started make terrible noises. 3 weeks later…completely dead.

Hi there. Sorry for the issue with the massager. Looks like you’re still in your 90-day warranty. Have you reached out to Woot! Customer Service.

From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

In the Woot! App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Note: Woot! Customer Service replies go to the email address on your Woot! account, not your Amazon login email if used/different.

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I got one of these last time; I’m overall happy with it.


The foot pockets are NOT removable/washable (as far as I can see, and no mention in the manual), so I have to wear socks when using this.

The heating is hard to discern, but from what I’ve read, that seems to be common for massagers.

It has started making noises that sound like the track needs lubrication.