Shifty Eyes

If I send money will he dismiss the stare of death?

Ah, now this is parody. And Crazy Eyes times 10.

Mario on speed? Or speedy Mario?

Aww man, if only it wasn’t red…

For those who haven’t seen this yet:


Luigi really is riding dirty

A Luiggi Stare of Death shirt!!! What took you so long? Lol

Pay some respect to Ed “Big Daddy” Roth,

Look out! It’s the LDS*!

*Luigi Death Stare

The RAT FINK of the 21st Century… google it if you don’t know.

Woot’s getting quick with the memes these days. :slight_smile:

This is awesome; <3 RAT FINK!

My only fear is how does he steer?

Yeah boi, my man Luigi. Heart of a bro, eyes of a cold blooded killer.

I’ve been playing since the SNES and Mario Kart 8 is the best Kart, hands down.

Kind of like those “Weird-oh” models from the '60’s…I like it!

So glad to see that people are giving it up to Ed Roth. And the art on this is awesome! The sticker peeling from his hat is what makes it for me!

At least it’s not the blue shell which means I can still win.

Yes! Im glad someone pointed out Ed Roth. I suspect most of the younger crowd was unaware of the homage to Rat Fink and Big Daddy Roth.

If the Luigi looked more cartoon-ish I’d be in for one. This one would scare my children. Which may be the point.