SHINE HAI Dog Car Seat Cover

SHINE HAI Dog Car Seat Cover

I was interested, until I found out that the majority of the high-star reviews are for the human seat covers of similar material. The dog version gets mostly 1 and 2 star reviews due to flimsy zipper design that seems to break on their first day of usage. Or it’s not staying up, allowing the dog to fall through, defeating the purpose.

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Yeah Amazon reviews are kinda deceptive

I have not read any Amazon reviews, but instead ordered on the strength of woot’s ad and amazingly got mine today Sunday already (!) having ordered last Wednesday afternoon! Yes day before Thanksgiving! Unusually fast for I think.

Anyway this sling is of extraordinary quality and I’m very pleased for our dog. The loops have no elastic in them, are of a 1" webbing that appears very strong, and it took only a few minutes for me to rig the sling into the back of our Honda Ridgeline. We like to carry our 88lb Dog back there with the narrow seat flipped-up, for easy access by him, and so that he can lay on the floor if he wants. This sling, which is labelled “Folksmate Pet Seat Cover” fits almost perfectly back there, with a loop around the driver headrest, another thru the backseat grab handle and over the coat hook (and kept in place with the shoulder seatbelt strap), and then secured at the back using a headrest and one of the childseat tie-ons. Material is really heavy and durable-feeling; haven’t gone for a ride yet but am betting Dog loves it.

I did zip one flap up, to make a cradle at the left rear window, and the zippers are heavy-duty also though of course only time will tell how they hold-up since there is no way I can see to secure them. Maybe I will safety-pin those or something if I can do it without risk to Dog.

I’m actually tempted to buy another at this price, so we can have one in-service and another cleaned & at-the-ready. I like it.

Great to hear about this. I currently use a different one that has stitched up sides that don’t stay up. They fold down easily.

I bought this the other day can’t wait to test it in person. I like the whole idea it has high side flaps with loops; that get held up by straps. I assumed those zippers were going to be a problem so I already was thinking about ways to secure them up. Since one of our dogs constantly finds her way under the current dog seat cover hammock we use. With the taller sides this one uses I was just planning on keeping them zipped up with super glue or something similar. I might even remove the zippers all together and sew or stitch it at the seams.