Shining Sketchpad (SpaceshipEdition)

Shining Sketchpad (SpaceshipEdition)

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I am WAAAY older than 3 and really do not understand this toy.

A (very) quick Google search brought me only to Woot.

So, does that fish (for instance) just APPEAR to be not drawn on the board if you wear the 3-D glasses? I mean, it looks like a glass shape for a neon light, not a drawing!

And when they say “wipe the method” does that mean you have to wipe the plastic LED-lit screen thingie, or is it some sort of special paper that wipes clean. Looks like maybe you insert the drawing on the paper into the light box?

@daveinwarshington you’re our only hope. What is this thing?

I’ve got the answer per vendor! hope this helps!

Remove the transparent board.

Place patterned drawing paper on the board or draw directly on it.

Optionally, download a picture on an iPad, enlarge it to full screen, and use the transparent board for reference.

Paint the board with beautiful colors.

Reattach the artboard to the control panel.

Turn on the light board and enjoy your child’s artwork.


Simply wipe with a damp cloth or wet wipe, and consider using a scrub brush for thorough cleaning.