Great idea but a shirt like this is already out there in the interwebs…

Geekchic also did a SHINY one too.

I did not find mine on woot and I guess my google search was a bit too general (I googled Nasa parody shirts and this did not come up). However, this is sort of an obvious idea (tons of Nasa logo parodies of everything out there) so I am not surprised that someone else has also done this. I like mine better, but I am biased. Hopefully there is room for one in the woot catalog as well.

I appreciate this being pointed out. There are a million varieties of NASA parody designs out there, so many people have had the same/similar ideas. If I had seen this one shirt sold on teepublic before, I would not have wasted time making my own, but I still like my version (I realize the differences are not huge since the logo is the main feature). If woot decides that there is no room in their catalog or they don’t want it, I am OK with that.

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