Congrats on the print~! =D

Oh dang! An actually good shirt from the derby! Sweetness.

Yay! Glad this one won. It’s gorgeous, and a breath of fresh air from the cuteness as of late.

nice shirt, but i’ve really gotta cut back. way too many already. if i could. i would. honest!

Congrats on the print. Not going to buy though, seems to low on the shirt

my mouse seemed to click on I want one without me knowing. Congrats on the print. I’m in for one.

I’m glad the site troubles were fixed - I was stuck mid-order for a while!

I bought this shirt due to the pretty pattern. Most people won’t even get the connection to Firefly, and I like that. I like being subtle.

I love this one. Had my eye on from the very beginning.

Hmmmm…now if I just had something for Serenity. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the print, and yay for woot finally being back :smiley: Hope things go well for you.

Oh man, I am so good. I knew it was Zenne. :smiley:

The halftones in the comp look really good. I’ll be interested in seeing photos of this design, both for the halftone glory and the low placement. I hope it turns out well. :slight_smile:


Check the blog.

Why would she do that?

Cute tag: sneaky

Nice shirt, got one! Thanks!

Maybe she prefers to not be known? Less pressure/expectations.

Does anyone know if this is actually going to print at the bottom of the shirt, or if it will print at the “fake” bottom (which for WS is right over my belly :frowning: )

I will probably get one anyway, but I just bought the teefury for today, so I will at least wait until tomorrow. xD

Nice design, in for one.

If only Malcolm Reynolds face was on the back. Oh well, I suppose I’ll get it anyways. It will make a nice top to my tight brown pants.


Well, if she didn’t want to be known, she wouldn’t have given woot the link to her blog. It says on her blog that the username is luciernaga is Spanish for firefly.

Congrats to Zenne, then. I wouldn’t have recognized this as one of yours. :slight_smile: