Shipping Adventures

Ok, I must admit that when I purchased the item on 05 Apr I chose the 3-8 day delivery because hey, it was free and they wanted a significant amount of money to ship next day. It took several days before I got the tracking info. It will be delivered tomorrow according to the tracking page.

My item started off in Carrollton, TX. From there it traveled to Buffalo, New York on the 12th of April. From there is went to Grove City, OH where it stayed for a couple of days and finally left there early on the 15th.

It transitioned in Orient, OH before it landed in Oakland, TN on the afternoon of the 15th. Who knew there was another Oakland that wasn’t in California. Early this morning it is in Brinkley, AR.

It’s supposed to arrive sometime on the 18th after being ordered on 05 Apr. To Princeton, TX. About 20-30 miles from where it started in Carrollton, TX.

I’ll try to come back and finish out the further travel adventures of my order.


Hi there. Moving this to the info desk - a better area for this.

Sorry your item is taking a scenic tour.