shipping carrier

I don’t use USPS
I do use UPS or FedEx.
I would like to order a tools set but it doesn’t say what carrier.
Any body have a clue?

Woot uses a mixture of UPS/AMZL/USPS.

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welp I ordered it
hopefully they will use UPS
if not they will get it back

most places offer a comment box on an order where I can specify
giving them the opportunity to cancel order or make changes

hoping for the best

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You don’t use usps, like, ever? At all?

If amazon has usps carry the package the last mile (as they sometimes do), do you send that back as well?

It’s a super curious stance.

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You’d seriously return something because they shipped it with THE UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE?



You can self cancel in the first two hours through your order details.

USPS won’t deliver to my door so I have to travel to the post office to get it. If I do that I might as well go to to a store and purchase. And they continually get my mail to my neighbor and vice versa.
So yeah. I don’t use them at all.
I was a FedEx home delivery contractor for 3 years and am very aware of what it takes to deliver and they don’t .
So yeah, I don’t use them at all.
It’s not a matter of sending it back, they never deliver it.
So yeah, I don’t use them at all.

Just got a UPS tracking number