Shipping information Before a purchase, Not After!!

I was trying to make a purchase with regular, or standard shipping, but instead of previewing the entire purchase before making it I was asked to choose a payment method & I chose PayPal. Again it didn’t mention, or show the shipping cost, or total purchase amount, but I was suppose to tap the icon for a payment, ergo, I just left the site & purchase the item on Morning Save!! I need the info of my tabulated total cost Before I go to PayPal, otherwise, No Deal!! Can anyone tell me Exactly When I see the shipping cost¿? Does PayPal let me know Before I commit to the entire price, or not¿

Shipping is a flat $6 per order; for Amazon Prime members, it’s $0.

(Note that I am not staff. I just volunteer to help out on the forums.)

Also, are you sure you’re on the authentic Woot website? I see the total on the same screen where I choose the payment method. Unless you’ve had PayPal linked to your account for years, Woot no longer accepts PayPal.

(Please Note: I’m not employed by Woot, but I volunteer to help in the forums.)

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I also see the total cost before ordering and I use paypal

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