Shipping issues from the mothership

Hi woot family,
Long time wooter, first time poster here…

Just throwing out a quick comment, feedback, complaint.

Recently bought two Traeger grease bucket liners on the woot-off: Grease Bucket Liner Grill Accessory - Great price, thanks woot.
However, the Mothership thought it would be a good idea to ship in these in a paper bag! Really?! I mean really? They have both arrived to me flat. Come on Amazon. I’ve already contacted customer support and refunds were issues so thanks for that but really?

I do realize I can bend them back and such but why wouldn’t you ship these in a box? Ok, i’m done blerging.

Love you lots woot.

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Yep, they’re trying out cheaper shipping methods. Unfortunately, there’s nothing Woot can do. I did find out who to contact a couple years ago. I asked about them shipping ceramic mugs in envelopes like that. They said there was no evidence that breakage would be reduce if they put it in a box.

I died a little that day.


Appreciate you TT! Take care!!!

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