Shipping strangeness


I recd a rifle case 2day i bought from woot. The box was nearly my height (5’2"). It was wider than me by 2x+. I m sure the $ cost for such a large box is huge…and assume it didn’t have 2 be packed n this way…thinking outloud here, who is monitoring how these items get shipped? This was overkill

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That’s all Amazon.

Their system tells the associates what size box to use.

To save money, they only stock a certain number of sizes, that means some items may have to go in a larger box than needed bc it’s all they have.

Also could be that they were out of stock of the correct box. Inventory shortages are real.


Boy, there’s some major opp 4 improvement there. Like my 2 coffee mates that came n a paper shipping bag, 1 crushed and leaking… wish woot! Didnt have 2 b accountable 4 such things but mayb from biz perspective, it is ok 4 woot

But on the plus side, the dishwasher rinse aid I ordered came in a size-appropriate box, it was sealed with extra tape, it didn’t leak, and it didn’t explode. I was shocked and bewildered.

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Good 2 hear 4 u…my dial oil body wash showed up leaking…was a mess everywhere…woot cs refunded…good thing…but it was a mess… i buy a lot from woot, just trying 2 help on the shipping challenges

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For me, about one in 50 purchases from either Woot or Amazon come in an oversized box. It’s not too often, but I haven’t gotten very many broken things. A lot of the time the warehouse near me will build a custom box.

I order an insane amount of cat treats and they’re always coming in different packaging. It’s a symptom of the current state of the world. They’re making the best of it.

It’s fun to show off some of the crazier ones though. That huge box is wild. My dad would have taken it and used it on his garage floor to catch drips during oil changes.


(a) I found your description of the box containing a rifle case humorous.

(b) On a more serious note, did the possibility of deliberately boxing it this way enter anyone’s mind? No one would guess what was in the box during shipment and decide they wanted it for whatever purpose a person would use a stolen rifle-shaped box and its contents.

Just a thought, based on (recent and not-so-recent) events. Could be an avid deer hunter.

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Ahh, glass half full thought, and true, quite possible…!