Anyone else noticing that is taking longer and longer for Woot to ship anything? Yes, I get they say 5-7day AFTER your order it will ship, then ANOTHER 3-8 business days. I mean, where are they going to get the product?? The last time I ordered it took almost 3 1/2 weeks to get my stuff, not to mention their customer service kept sending the same canned statement email to me. They also had no idea where my package was, kept blaming FedEx - then I ended up receiving TWO packages - one from Ups and one from FedEx… not once did they mention they reshipped, but I did get all my money back.

Just checking out there is anyone else is noticing that it is taking them a very long time to ship out orders…

Ain’t Amazon buying out Woot grand?

The fact that they now take 5-7 business days just to process the order is ridiculous.

Yes. I’ve been using woot for years and one day, practically overnight, they changed from shipping directly after purchase, to a model that only starts shipping when all items are sold. That’s why they usually post how long the sale is happening, I believe, because one of the things that used to make woot great is the fact that you DIDNT know how long it would be before something is gone… In woot-land, gone is a finality.

Now, the site is overrun with mediocre products, at mediocre prices. There are still gems but at one point THEY WERE NEARLY ALL GEMS!

Now this is Amazon lite, sold at their low sale value from Amazon.

But I still come back… And I buy far less than I used to.

To the above commentor: Amazon has owned woot for some time now. Hence the nose dive and lack of understanding from the new woot overlords about what this place was great for.