I ordered some shirts around a month ago and got tracking numbers like 10 days ago, but according to FIMS the tracking numbers does not yet exist.

I just read the FIMS ToS and it said I first have to sign for a FIMS agreement before ordering stuff, does this mean I spent $55 on something that FedEx will not deliver?

As far as I am aware, there is no need to sign anything before ordering things that will be shipped via fedex, unless your own country’s mail service requires something above and beyond.
Once your packages leave the U.S., your tracking numbers are obsolete; fedex tracking only works so long as fedex has your packages within the U.S. Once the packages leave the country, they become your country’s national mail service’s responsibility.
If your tracking numbers have never registered anything at all in the month since you purchased your shirts, I strongly advise you to email with the order numbers of all the shirts for which you are waiting, and a request for clarification of shipping status/tracking number status.
Generally, international shipping takes at least a month to reach its destination, so I feel like there is probably no need to worry at this point, but a query to woot will absolutely help assuage your concerns, at the very least.

Well, from the agreement:

"FedEx International MailService
The FedEx International MailService (“FIMS”) is only available to Customers with a valid FedEx International Mailservice Agreement (“FIMS Agreement”) with FedEx. Contact your FedEx Account Executive to obtain a FIMS Agreement. "

Also, there has been no tracking whatsoever, it has stated “No information for the following shipments/FedEx Office orders has been received by our system yet. Please try again later or contact Customer Service.” all the time

Yeah, that first part basically means “make sure you’re buying something from one of our retail business customers that has made a contract with us to ship to your country.” That has nothing to do with you except as a customer checking to see if the retailer (in this case woot) ships to your country–which you would see in shirt.woot’s list here.

Please, I strongly recommend you email posthaste with your info. Your dilemma cannot be solved in the forums.