There’s been an increasing gap in the quality of the shipping of products purchased from Woot, depending more and more heavily on carrier and less, I think, than warehouse issues than seem to have been blamed for the bulk of the problems for recent INCORRECT orders (esp bulk orders, e.g buy pack of 4 water hose attachments but only receive 1.)

I, myself, ordered 12-pack dove product which came as a six pack of slightly different (v similar) dove products.

Those, do, seem to be warehouse or inventory issues.

Lately, however, I have been receiving quite mistreated packages - way too often causing product damage. I’ve been filling (& about to have to fill out a few more) lots of CS forms for items damaged in shipping.

If further interested, I took some pictures of the difference between the providers.

I do order from other places than woot, some of which use fed ex or dhl (I can’t remember if this had happened for woot orders - it feels like some outside-sourced items may have shipped through those carriers, e.g. special tumbler or yoga mat specials, etc.)

Cutting to the chase:

Shirts arriving by USPS are spotless and well taken care of.

Amazon TBA# orders are usually of the quality of your general local Amazon order (my area - quite good handling).

UPS has some luck with boxes but I haven’t had a decent UPS soft cover shipment since before the holidays.

Honestly many just look simply run over.

Soft boxes in these plastic bags do not survive.

T-shirts (woot shirts) are not individually wrapped within the white soft plastic wrapping so if the plastic is damaged any detritus falls straight on the fabric of the shirt.

Tracks marks from dollies or forklifts seem to be doing the most damage (to shirts or malleable soft packs) with running over and “shredding” but there have been far too many simply crushed boxes as well.

FedEx and DHL have not had these issues so far for me but have had far fewer thinly plastic wrapped shipments through them.

UPS on the left/USPS in the right - non label side (woot shirts):

Soft box sunglasses - crushed in bag (unwearable):

2nd pair sunglasses (unopened - looks similarly crushed, about to open):

Pack of boxer briefs also arrived today in same delivery, similarly thrashed like the UPS woot shirts but as of yet unopened so unsure if product is protected otherwise within.

USPS vs UPS vs Amazon making a difference for anyone else?

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I haven’t had a USPS issue in a very long time (like since 2018 or so), and then it was only ever lost packages, not damaged ones. UPS seems to be doing fairly well with cardboard boxes, but I’ve had similar issues with bagged items as your picture demonstrates. I haven’t received anything lately via OnTrac, and I am thankful because they have been universally bad-- packages literally tossed from van in driveway to general area of the door (caught it on security camera several times), packages marked as delivered either not delivered, delivered 1-2 days later, or delivered 2 streets over (street names not even remotely similar).

/2 cents

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Yeah, companies are trying to find ways to save money as costs go up. Amazon has moved to using a lot of shipping bags recently too. Saw where they shipped a ceramic mug in an envelope. It arrived as a puzzle.

I’ve passed on the images above to our sports team to pass on to the vendor.


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