Shirt 101

Should be named “Chest of Text”

So. Much. Reading.

So why it is a “fail” if they’ll give you the shirt? Shouldn’t it be “win! wear the shirt” and an arrow back to origin?

And while I like the “divide by zero” result, I agree that it looks like the results for “is he/she cute” are backwards.

Oh well. I applaud how the “wearing the shirt” sections are rotated. Cheers.

Shirts should be quick and easy to read. If you have to stare at one’s chest for a minute or so and have to actively think during that time, it kind of sucks.

At the end of this shirt is a bag o’ crap!

I think the “is he/she cute” option is backward…

There is no way anyone except savants and those with photographic memories will have time to get this shirt. Still really cool though.

The only thing missing is “Continued on back ->”.

ØMG YES. This is hilarious. In for 2!

A Guide to Understanding Flowcharts

I love going meta.

Agreed, but then on the other hand it means that the creator of this flowchart is too nerdy to know what to do if the person is cute haha.

its better if the print is on the back, more people can enjoy it then.

will woot allow that, or is it too much hassle flipping shirts around? don’t they have to look at it anyway to make sure print goes on the front?

I still don’t see how if the person is your size and you answer yes to will they give you this shirt it = fail.

Well as a (potential) wearer of this shirt, I don’t want to be sending the wrong messages. PASS. Otherwise, it’s great.

also is this only for straight males or gay females?

whats with gender questions.


Congrats Parrotworks!

Personally, this shirt isn’t my cup of tea; However, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t drawn to it. During the derby, I had your image up for quite some time, following all your silly paths. Out of all the entries, this one held my attention the longest… that at least worth a cookie, or better yet… A PRINT!

It’s fai**l on the part of the giver, because they give up the shirt.