Shirt Art...Art Shirt?

This is a brilliant idea! I just don’t want any of these designs… these are great but the ones I like I already have the t-shirt which would be weird. What I’m saying is, make this a permanent option for all designs fools!

Hey Burritoclock,

Manufacturer here- we agree, it’s brilliant! We’re excited to offer the designs you know and love as three-dimensional gallery-wrapped canvas for the first time ever. And yes, we do hope to offer canvas versions of all your favorites in the future!

Any questions at all, just ask! I’ll be here to answer them.

I’m not going to lie. This is an awesome idea! I wish I had a Man Cave that I could put some of this pics up in. I also wish I had money to buy these. Dang kids keep sucking me dry.

This is a GREAT idea!! Glad your here!

Glad you’re on board, Dadoboy! Any favorites so far?

Stay tuned, we’re going to have a sweepstakes for some big 'uns we got in (probably on Monday though as we are slackers)! I’ll post here with more info then.

This is awesome! I wish I could afford them, right now.

How is “The Binge” not here???

Oh yeah… there are auite a few, but my fav is “Infinity Plus One”

I bought a handful of these (4 small and 1 large). You guys solved my interior decorating problems.

Not a “42” design in the lot. oh, man!

Which size is the one displayed over the couch? Also, I NEED this in “Nevermore”!

Those are the 24"x32" size.

I already bought 4 of these when they were offered as posters. Would it be weird if I have “The Time Is Meow” as canvas art, poster, journal, and hoodie? I do love this idea.

Weird? No, just affirming that the time really IS MEOW! :slight_smile:

I hope you guys will do this for A Distinct Possibility sometime.

I am really intrigued, but I have a question: I assume the original artwork (as created by the artist) was created for the size of a tee-shirt (approximately 1 foot x 1 foot); if that assumption is correct then what happens to the image when you blow it up to the sizes you are offering, say 3’ x 4’ ? Does it become pixilated or blurred ?

Now I notice on the “Time is Meow” canvas when I use the magnifier to inspect the image I see individual cat hairs ( I am real good at seeing cat hair, I get a lot of practice at home ) which is detail I wouldn’t see on a tee shirt image. This suggests to me that the original work by the artist was for reproducing his/her work at this large size.

So I guess the bottom line question I am asking are these tee-shirt images blown up to large sizes - or were these originally created as large images that just happened to be previously shrunk down to fit on a shirt ?

The max size for shirt design submissions is 16"x20", so these images are enlarged.

I’ve seen some samples of these in the office. I was honestly pretty impressed with how well these designs transferred to canvas and scaled in size.

Um… I want all of these and I have no money. :frowning: