Shirt Art...Art Shirt?

I haven’t seen deals like this since nine o’ clock this morning.

I’ve always thought that many of the shirts would work well as wall art. My budget is more at the poster level than the canvas level, though :stuck_out_tongue: .

WOW!!! This is awesome. Great choices. Two suggestions:

  1. Offer these for longer than a week because A) it’s something very new and the word needs to get around and B) they’re more expensive than shirts and may require an extra paycheck of budgeting, and C) it might take a bit longer for people to figure out what to hang where (easier to figure out where to wear a shirt)

  2. Have link to this sale on home.woot because that’s where artwork is usually found and not all wooters check out shirt.woot.

I am soooo getting “Le Chat Dans La Boite!”

I don’t care if it doesn’t go with my living room. It’s going in my living room.
Just have to wait for $$$

I always try to collect different medias from my own printed designs, and when I saw Night of the Ulrich as a canvas, I almost peed on my pants. Unfortunately, it says it cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico. Someone should tell Woot that we use the same US Postal Service as the rest of the US :confused: I know its probably because they’ll ship it ground, but, there should be an option for us poor US citizens that live outside the Main Land!

Anyways, I’m so happy to see it up there. If someone buys one, PLEASE send me a picture of it. I’ll love that. Maybe I can hang that picture on my wall :slight_smile:

Great ideas!

This month I have four birthday gifts and a new phone (Amazon Fire Phone) to purchase, so hopefully these will be back later. I want Reading Rocket Ship for my son’s room (he currently has the poster), Le Chat Dans La Boite for the living room, and The Time is Meow for somewhere (bedroom? office?), just because it’s awesome.

BTW, I like the illusion in the main photo.

We’ll look into extending the sale. Good feedback.

Some of the picks for this are great! Sadly, I can’t justify paying that much for woot art to my fiancee v.v Though I admit if there’s going to be an extension I’m definitely going to try to save up for that Ulrich one. If there was a cheaper option as well, I’d be all over a couple of these. Not all of us require wrapped canvas to celebrate our favorite works though.

Wait, you’re the creator of the Ulrich one? Maybe we can work something out so you can get your canvas :slight_smile:

Since this is print to order, I’d really love for this to open up to many more designs! There are a few listed on here I’m thinking about but if the choices included the majority of the “All designs” section I would be a definite 3 at least.
Also, the sale would need to run longer than a week though because I can’t really afford to buy as many as I want all at once!

This is a quality post!

The lady friend and I are in the same boat. HOWEVAH, we came up with a solution to this a while back…

The your existing Woot Shirts, and then cut the design out and stretch it over a canvas, staple and hang. TA DAH!

I mean, it’s obviously not a big glorious canvas like these, but it’s a very inexpensive way to hang your favorite Woot designs on your wall.

We currently have about 16 different sizes on the wall and add more all the time!

Thanks man, I talked to a friend of mine in New York and he’ll help me. Thanks for offering :slight_smile:

o.o Don’t tempt me…

That’s awesome! I’m glad you’re going to be able to get your art on canvas! And my pleasure :slight_smile: It’s definitely a hang-worthy piece.

Are you printing and shipping the orders from last month’s sale immediately, or are you going to make us wait for this sale to end too?

The picture for this event on shirt.woot shows what appears to be a man in the throws of ecstasy supporting himself somewhat oddly against a painting.

Suggestive marketing I guess? The bald dude really pulls it off.

Printing and shipping immediately! Actually, we’re ahead of schedule, so no need to wait.

This design would look great on canvas.

I like this. Would be great if there was a better selection of designs, there’s been so much great art submitted here over the years. I can’t see putting many of these up on a wall, but of course there’s no accounting for taste.