Shirt Derby: Friday, August 3, 2007


The Derby is open for voting! To submit your own design, go to the submission page. For more details about the Derby, see our FAQ. Also, make sure you check out the newest rule changes as elucidated in this blog post, including this new ironclad law: no Woot shirts.

Derby #2: Heat

It’s 95 and muggy where we live, so we were having a little trouble taking our minds off the heat long enough to choose a Derby theme. Then we realized that the theme chose us. Heat: the word most often used and abused in '80s song and movie titles. Glenn Frey says it’s on, Dirk Diggler asks you to feel his, Jim Belushi and Arnold Schwarzenegger prefer theirs red. It’s hot. It’s heat. Don’t get burned.


Only users who have made at least one purchase at any Woot site may vote in the Derby. If that’s you, just click “I’d Want One” next to any designs that catch your fancy. You can vote for as many different designs as you like, but only once per design. If you don’t see the “I’d Want One” buttons next to the designs, you’re either not logged in, or you’ve never bought anything from Woot. Go log in and/or buy something if you want to vote.

Derby Schedule

  • Friday at noon:Derby theme is announced, Derby opens for submissions and voting
  • following Wednesday at noon: submissions close
  • following Thursday at noon: voting closes, winner announced
    following Friday at 12:00:01 AM: winning design for sale on Shirt.Woot


This one might be a bit tough, anxious to see the designs that follow.


for some reason I’m envisioning a polar bear trapped in an ice cube with an AC unit on the side. wink



Also, can I make a request that a link to the derby be placed on the front page? Or is there one and I’m just missing it?


heh. think they’d let me?


If it fits the theme, it’s fair game.


yeah, why not.


Look right under the I WANT ONE button.


Is it just me, or does the link for the rules changes go to the post about the balls-cube derby shirt? I see the rules changes in the post right above it when I click on the blog, so all is well. Still…

(edit) I see the link has been fixed now. Spiffy.


Congrats on the changes woot.

Love that it’s sorted by date by default, many won’t change and this should give everyone a more fair chance…

Back to designing my shirt!


Aha! You’re tricky, Toon. Hiding it right where I can see it. I never would have thought to look for it there…

>sheepishly< Thanks…


Interesting question. Said another way, does Woot have any issue with someone entering the same design for multiple contests (assuming it fits the theme)?


Is it me, or should the “This is why I’m HAT” Shirt have the Boston Red Sox logo on it?? To truly mock the accent… if that was it, I would totally buy it. Too bad about copyright issues.


dude i thought the same thing, thats what i WAS gunna do :frowning: so i just made that one
oh well


Nice eggs dsb411. I was thinking along similar lines.


I don’t get what “diagonal heat” is.


I don’t either, but it looks cool so I voted for it. I hope it doesn’t have some cultural connotation that I’m not familiar with (you know, like rainbows do for some people).


add me to the list of people confused by “diagonal heat”


There’s no way I’m voting on anything yet… …one shirt may be great now…but if another one comes along that I really want to win… I’ve nullified my vote (like last derby)

vote late!


It’s just diagonal lines in colors associated with heat. I couldn’t think of anything better to name it.