Shirt Derby: Friday, August 31, 2007


For those who haven’t seen it yet, I’ve set up an alternate template for our lovable derbies here at The “real-tee” template includes 32 photos of actual t-shirts, in all 16 colors allowed in woot derbies, in both guys and girls styles.

Now you can show the world what your shirt will actually look like, plus give the ladies a little love with a shirt made just for them :slight_smile:

Visit the permanent thread and download a copy:




it was so good…another run at it…?


Do over!


it’s THIS: Derby #6: Fake Me Out To The Ballgame


fixed in one place so far…


Derby #6: Deja Vu


Yes. Great theme. Now we just need to get WootBot to update the thread :slight_smile:


Jack, I’m *counting *on your entry … :slight_smile:


Just a friendly reminder… dont post any Ideas here you wouldn’t mind getting ripped off…


the shame of it is, I’m going away again this weekend, so i won’t be able to submit anything between friday afternoon and monday afternoon…

needless to say, i’ll be busy tonight :slight_smile:


Is there a reason there aren’t many links to the derby page? It would be nice to have a link to it on the front page?


Since a lot of my freelance work in the past has been logos, i have one precaution for the field:

There is bound to be a lot of font usage in this derby, for team names, player names and what have you. It’s important to know that the font you use is able to be used commercially without restriction. Many fonts, while free for personal use, have not been given commercial usage rights by their creators. Sometimes it’s as simple as sending an email, sometimes not. Just a word of warning. Wouldn’t want to get the rejection hammer because you picked the wrong font.


there usually is…yeah, it’s there, usually on normal woot! as well.


The very first thing I thought of :slight_smile:


I notice there are no shirt color restrictions… heeeeeeello asphalt or navy tees.


can we have a better explanation of what this derby is about? fake teams? fake sports? real sports?


What do you want to bet we get a dozen or more dog fighting shirts?